• “Getting a deal with SAP where you believe that you’ve maximised the value of the deal is never an easy task. There’s a lot of moving parts, and you don’t always realise the implications of what you are agreeing until it’s too late (and after the deal is done). When Blackstone introduced NET(net) to me, and they took a look at our situation and came up with options in the SAP license arena where by we could generate significant value… well I was skeptical. Could they really deliver on what they said they could? Not only did we deliver enough value in the short term to justify the change we made, but we got a lot of future proofing in the deal so that there’s potential for further value to be added over the longer run. And that’s easy to forget, but with NET(net) you get everything on the table and tackle it when it’s there to be done. I would encourage anyone that’s got a big deal coming down the pipe, or who’s looking to revamp the status quo… to speak with NET(net) and get them in play. There’s nothing to lose and you just might be surprised with what there is to gain.

    – Rowan Start, Chief Information Officer, IXOM

  • “We recently engaged NET(net) to advise us regarding a complicated renegotiation with one of our key strategic suppliers. The NET(net) team was able to help us analyze, assess, and validate our current environment and convert that into strategy to guide negotiations.  There were several layers of complexity around getting this done such as the number of parties associated with negotiations.  Working together, we were able to arrive at an agreement that ensures we are ‘right sized’ for the future.  We would consider engaging NET(net) again for assistance and advice with our strategic technology partners should the need arise.”


    – Jason Richards, VP of IT, Sophos Limited

  • “Virgin Care engaged NET(net) to review and assist us by leading the negotiations with one of our most strategic suppliers, constituting a projected five year spend of well over £7m.  The NET(net) subject matter experts were able to dive in and find inconsistencies in the proposed terms, pricing and project plan that enabled us to drive considerably more business value and savings than had previously been identified.  The results were impressive starting with a bottom line savings of over £1m over five years.  Equally as impressive was the speed at which we were able to reach an agreed result.  Additional services added around Time and Labour, Planning and Budgeting, and additional test environments added significantly to our bottom line results in the engagement.  To cap off these benefits, we were also able to mitigate our long term risk with improved pricing for future units which yields additional savings over the long term.  In summary we were more than pleased with not only the results, but the professionalism and expertise of the NET(net) staff who was able to dissect a complex agreement, and remake it into an effective partnership model that will drive value for us over the next several years.”
    –  Parker Moss
    Chief Technology and Transformation Officer, Virgin Care Limited

  • “The relationship that NET(net) has with one of our private equity investors gave us the confidence to challenge an Enterprise Software Provider. We executed a detailed analysis and structured optimization of what and how licenses should (and should not) be transferred from our former parent and the justified case for what needed to be acquired rather than taking the process recommended by the supplier. NET(net) was invaluable in “removing the mystery” related to the solution configuration,  license options, and deal valuation. At many turns, their knowledge changed the HBC strategy, drove more precise and cost effective answers out of the provider’s sales team, all of which resulted in a very significant savings over what we would have otherwise executed.”


    -Rick Thompson
    CIO, Harris Broadcast

  • The extensive knowledge NET(net) analysts have of the IT Industry and market trends, coupled with superior negotiating skills allowed AMCOL to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.


    -Jim Cienkus
    Global IT Operations Manager, AMCOL International

  • We were very pleased with the results obtained from NET(net).  The experience, negotiating skills, knowledge of the subject and commitment to add value to the business that NET(net) brought to the project were crucial to our success.  Furthermore, NET(net) helped develop creative strategies for negotiating with suppliers and significantly reduced our costs associated with purchasing software.


    -James Mommensohn
    CIO, CSD – Companhia Sulamericana de Distribuição

  • “Our experience with NET(net) turned out to be even better than anticipated.  Not only did they generate greater savings than we thought possible, and do it in significantly less time than we could have, but they also made sure the non-financial aspects (contract, SLA’s, supplier commitments, etc.) were more favorable to AMCOL. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and look forward to our next engagement.”


    -Jim Butz
    Director of IT Services, AMCOL International

  • “NET(net) Europe has become a key partner for us in securing strategic and economic value in our key technology investments, agreements and relationships.  This is absolutely critical, particularly where we have to punch above our weight in global equipment markets.  NET(net) Europe is very aligned to our business objectives by implementing proactive and innovative solutions in strategic sourcing and supplier management, while often exceeding our expectations.”


    – John Kent
    Chief Financial Officer, JT Global

  • “When negotiating complex IT deals, NET(net) yields positive results, beyond just savings. They also focus on obtaining the most favorable terms and conditions.”


    -James Burgbacher
    Manager, Indirect Procurement, Del Monte Foods

  • “NET(net) is a partner who can navigate the most intricate of details in a contract.  NET(net) professionals understand the variety of businesses within the IT space and can hone in on critical areas of optimization with the suppliers.   In working with NET(net), Brixmor has not only been able to reduce its telecommunication contracts by 37%, but is providing better, more complete services to the business at an optimized cost structure.  NET(net) is a trusted partner in reviewing and negotiating contracts with various IT suppliers.”


    -Dean R. Hook
    SVP & 
CIO, Brixmor Property Group Inc.

  • “Motel 6 was in the middle of a carve-out of an independent business from our prior European parent. In the process of setting up our separate operations, we were in negotiations with a major IT supplier with a very limited amount of time and many business and technical complexities. In particular, working the IT Supplier organization across borders and in a leveraged position was very difficult. With about one month until the new organization needed to be in place, we still did not have an acceptable financial offer from IT Supplier, and we had concerns about the configuration of the offer. The assistance of NET(net) was invaluable and they were highly responsive in a very busy period for the business. In 10 days, and as a team, we delivered a final negotiated deal with a configuration that maximized the flexibility for Motel 6 going forward, corrected several problematic issues in the agreement, achieved over $1.3M in additional savings, and configured the solution to avoid over $700K of future capital spending. It was a great partnership. ”


    -Jeffrey Winslow
    CIO, Motel 6

  • “Based on NET(net)’s success in IT optimization programs for our portfolio companies, we engaged them to help us with an important internal IT project where the vendor had a niche product.   With NET(net) we completed a strategic evaluation of the product. They then helped us negotiate pricing, terms and conditions resulting in a 30% reduction in subscription cost and a 50% reduction in incremental costs.  The NET(net) team was terrific to work with, and we certainly plan to recommend them and work with them again.”


    -Manny Rodriguez
    CTO, General Atlantic

  • “When we hired NET(net) to optimize our enterprise software investment, our roadmap indicated a need to purchase additional licenses. NET(net) helped us understand how to make more effective use of our existing licenses and enabled us to not only avoid any new purchases but also save millions on our legacy investments.”


    -Tony Lombardi
CIO, Armstrong World Industries

  • “NET(net)’s creativeness allowed us to quickly understand the many options that were available to us, including many that the IT supplier did not offer. The information NET(net) provided gave us the confidence we needed to challenge our supplier in a way we had not been able to previously. NET(net)’s optimization methodology and negotiations techniques helped us achieve 3x more savings than we would have been able to on our own, and accomplished it in just weeks, not months. I would recommend NET(net) to anyone who is interested in getting to your IT suppliers absolute best offer.”
    -Anthony Vaden
CIO, American Tire Distributors, Inc.

  • “NET(net) advised and educated us on the complex licensing models available from our desktop software supplier.  NET(net) was able to quickly understand our business requirements, navigate the numerous options, and help us determine the right licensing configuration for our needs. Through the collaboration with NET(net), we accomplished what we wanted at a more optimized cost than we would have achieved on our own.”
    –Rich Caron
    CIO, Isola Group

  • “Recently, when working to acquire licenses for a popular cloud-based application, we engaged NET(net) to help us ensure we were getting the best possible deal parameters for our needs. NET(net) was able to accurately predict the supplier’s behavior, objections, and concessions. After completing their process, we were able to achieve much more value from the supplier that we had initially anticipated, at a reduced cost. The ROI on NET(net)’s services was beyond my expectations. I would recommend engaging NET(net) to anyone interested in maximizing the value they receive from their IT suppliers.”
    -Vivek Shaiva
CIO, La Quinta

  • “Having gone through the process of seeing how NET(net) leverages its expertise to handle the complexities that exist in the software marketplace, makes it unimaginable to think of conducting an important negotiation without assistance from NET(net).”
    -Jim Goetz
Former CIO, The ServiceMaster Company

  • “As a senior technology executive in a Fortune 500 environment, I worked with NET(net) to optimize my investments with key technology providers, resulting in millions in savings and benefits. NET(net) helped me develop highly optimized multi-year strategies to significantly improve value to my organization. I recommend the services of NET(net) to help any organization maximize the value of its technology investments.”
    -Robert Turner

    Former CTO, Capital One

  • “We worked with NET(net) to sharpen our enterprise software agreements and we achieved notable results. One of their advanced strengths lies in optimization of contract language and in the right environment they can be extremely effective.”


    -Bill McKean
    Chief Procurement Officer
    Freescale Semiconductor

  • “NET(net) worked with us every step of the way to make sure our needs were fully addressed. They built a customized plan suited to our needs and helped us manage all the supplier interaction in the way we wanted it handled. Through demonstration of subject matter expertise, NET(net) gave us a high degree of confidence that we had the right team on the case.”
    -Dan Bugher
    Chief Information Officer

  • “With NET(net)’s assistance, analysis and guidance we were able to identify and evaluate an approach to our licensing needs with one of our major software suppliers that neither our supplier nor their reseller had offered. This approach allows us to deliver exactly the same set of technology, but at a 37% lower cost. At Burger King Corp., we have instilled a culture of continuous improvement that includes ways to execute on our plans more efficiently and cost effectively. Working with NET(net) has enabled us to deliver high quality technology at significantly reduced costs.”


    -Raj Rawal
    Chief Information Officer Burger King

  • “NET(net)’s understanding of the market and ability to execute transformational change on a timely basis will enable Biomet Europe to realize exceptional savings and capture value for years to come. We highly recommend NET(net) to other companies given NET(net)’s core expertise in software negotiations and their successful track record of collaborating with Biomet’s internal IT people and our suppliers.”


    -Howard Levy
    Chief Procurement Officer Biomet Inc.

  • “NET(net) was very effective in assisting us select a technology supplier that not only met our needs for a locally managed agreement allowing global purchasing, but also delivered the ability for us to enjoy between a 15% and 30% reduction in pricing – resulting in significant long term savings potential. NET(net)’s assistance means our purchasing approach is fully optimized and receiving best in class pricing on par with global companies of comparable scale.”
    -David Meltham
    CFO, The Vita Group

  • “To assist in the global deployment of our enterprise CRM system, we engaged NET(net) Europe to optimize and renegotiate our enterprise license investments. NET(net) Europe’s in depth assessment and analysis not only identified areas that allowed us to find more value in our existing agreement, but ensuring our technology infrastructure is positioned for our BI systems and CRM future needs.  We could not be happier with the services provided by NET(net) Europe as we have achieved a fully optimized configuration and negotiated outcome that enables us to keep the value invested in our CRM deployment.”


    -Matthias Gelsok
Global Director of IT MAQUET GmbH Co. KG

  • “With NET(net)’s assistance, analysis and guidance, we were able to identify and evaluate an alternative to the license and support structure presented to us by one of our major software suppliers that neither our supplier nor their reseller had offered. NET(net) not only delivered value in this engagement within a tight timeframe but also helped educate our organization along the way. With NET(net) as our partner, we have been able achieve greater economic and strategic value with this supplier and I would highly recommend their services to other organizations looking to maximize the value of their strategic IT relationships.”
    -Barbie Bigelow
    CIO, TASC, Inc.

  • “We worked with NET(net) to benchmark and optimize a significant portion of our IT Spend and the results were outstanding. We experienced significant and meaningful reductions in operating costs, both immediate and ongoing, as well as improved strategic value in the services being provided.”


    –John Nordin
    Vice President, Chief Information Officer  ADESA

  • “We worked with NET(net) to optimize a significant portion of our IT Spend and the results were outstanding. We experienced significant and meaningful reductions in cost as well as improved strategic value in the services being provided. The subject matter expertise and market knowledge NET(net) provided to us enabled us to gain a much greater depth of understanding in our options and associated risk profiles which provided an outcome that strengthened our position both from a cost perspective as well as placing us in a strong negotiation position for the future. The project exceeded my expectations and significantly benefited our business.”
    –Roy Satchell

    Chief Information Officer, Catalent Pharma Solutions

  • “We have worked with NET(net) on our most critical agreements and the results have been outstanding. Not only have we been able to significantly lower costs, the strategic value of our supplier relationships has noticeably improved.”


    –Kurt Thaus
    Chief Information Officer Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.

  • “Before working with NET(net), we were facing large annual ERP maintenance payments that were no longer aligned to the value we were receiving. We sought to reduce these payments without impacting our ability to meet the needs of the company. NET(net) helped us significantly reduce the maintenance payments while increasing value. Any organization looking to lower costs and increase value should consider the services of NET(net).”
    –Jean Holley
    Chief Information Officer, Tellabs

  • “After a large merger, DJO faced a big challenge in negotiating technology agreements that would enable the newly combined company to bring disparate processes together and to leverage its increased size and scale. We initiated discussions with our software suppliers on our own, but during the course of negotiations, it became clear that we would benefit from professional assistance. Our private equity owner, Blackstone, introduced us to NET(net). The results of the negotiation were millions of dollars worth of savings and benefits. Going forward, we would not consider large scale technology related investments without seeking professional representation.”
    –Chris Shen
    Chief Information Office, DJO Incorporated

  • “We have been very happy with the expertise and services of NET(net). Their ability to help us increase our visibility in the supplier organizations has led to very significant non-standard solutions to our complex and unique challenges.”
    –Ann Harten
    Vice President Global Human Resources & ERP Implementation, Haworth Corporation

  • “Most companies, either through ignorance or ego, remain stuck in struggle, refusing to admit they don’t have the knowledge or expertise to craft the appropriate relationship with their suppliers. Like an addict, they keep making the same mistakes over and over again and everyone around them is forced to live with the consequences. The best way, sometimes the only way, to break out of this vicious cycle is to get help from a qualified professional. In essence, that is exactly what we did at HB Fuller. NET(net) helped us to clarify, standardize, and optimize our technology investments. And they did it in a way that preserved and enhanced the partnerships instead of turning them into adversarial relationships.”
    –Steven John

    Global IT Director, HB Fuller

  • “NET(net)’s Money Back service was incremental to anything we had previously done or considered doing. It required only minimal involvement from our staff. For the first time ever, we actually received Money Back from our software supplier for previous charges they levied on us that, as it turns out, were not calculated and processed correctly. NET(net) was able to detect the over-charge condition, quantify it, and negotiated Money Back from our supplier without damaging the relationship. Prior to engaging NET(net) we had an excellent relationship with our software supplier, however as we engaged NET(net) we found that there was room for both strategic and economic improvements. NET(net)’s professionalism and optimization services not only helped us claim greater economic value in the form of significant savings in our critical technology investments, it helped us build an improved and more sustainable relationship with our supplier.”
    –Steve Canter
    Chief Information Officer, Berlin Packaging

  • “With NET(net), I was able to combine my vision with their extensive market knowledge, strategies, and industry contacts to gain savings well beyond my expectations and what I could do on my own. Together we initiated a strategic plan that drove significant annual cost reductions not just a one-year savings event. Great team, great plan, great outcome.”
    –Jeff Rishel

    Vice President, Global Information Technology, Graham Packaging Company, L.P.

  • “Perkins & Marie Callender’s had a long time, but sub-optimized relationship with our ERP provider. We engaged NET(net) to improve this relationship and were successful in renegotiating a new agreement that was mutually beneficial from an economic and strategic perspective. We’re very happy with the final outcome and would highly recommend NET(net).”
    –Phil Joyner
    Chief Information Officer, Perkins & Marie Callender’s

  • “NET(net) provided the value add we were looking for in negotiating a new agreement with our primary wide-area networking provider. We knew going into this process it would be a challenge to achieve a reduction in our rates in the middle of our agreement term, but NET(net) was able to professionally negotiate with our provider to achieve a new offer that met our needs and resulted in substantive savings—all the while preserving the relationship with this important network supplier.”
    –Tim Hill
    CIO and VP IT, American Residential Services, LLC

  • “NET(net) provided PFG with invaluable information and guidance that greatly assisted us in negotiations with our suppliers. They were very well versed in how contract negotiations are usually conducted and provided me with insights and leverage to help me get the best possible outcome for PFG that I could get. Their team was knowledgeable, professional, and great to work with. I would consider NET(net) for any large technology contract negotiation I might have in the future.”
    –Bob Fowler

    Directory of Production Systems and Support, Performance Food Group

  • “With the assistance of NET(net), we were able to clarify a significant portion of our enterprise application roadmap, and gain access to state-of-the-art technology. With the assistance of NET(net), we were able to clarify a significant portion of our enterprise application roadmap, and gain access to state-of-the-art technology, while lowering our total cost of ownership. We also established a more strategic partnership with our supplier, and have established a foundation of trust and collaboration that should prove invaluable over the coming years.”
    –Rich Proszowski
    CIO, Pactiv

  • “We engaged NET(net) to assist in a major data center initiative and a myriad of software licensing negotiations associated with a recent corporate restructuring event. My team and I are very happy with the collaboration and significant results achieved with NET(net). What would have been a 12-month effort was completed in 12 weeks with NET(net)’s assistance. We highly recommend NET(net).”
    -Tim Wensits
    VP & CIO, SSAB

  • “NET(net) was very effective helping us to optimize our investments, negotiate our agreement, and realign our relationship with our technology supplier, resulting in significant long term savings and benefits, non-standard concessions, and an improved relationship focusing on value.”
    –Kevin Philbrick
    Senior Manager-IT Governance, Finance and Administration, Graphic Packaging Holding Company

  • “NET(net)’s expertise, knowledge, and persistence was instrumental in improving our agreement and strategic relationship with our existing ERP provider. We were able to gain significant strategic, functional, and financial value while strengthening our relationship with this key partner. I highly recommend NET(net) and look forward to working with their team on future optimization initiatives.”
    –Paul Szabo

    CIO, John Maneely Company

  • “NET(net) was able to quickly assess our current state, identify additional relationship enhancing elements, and execute a highly coordinated strategy and approach. Merlin had invested considerable time and internal resources in a strategic Point of Sale (POS) solution evaluation. Merlin then partnered with NET(net) to ensure competitiveness and sustainability of the relationship structure with the chosen POS solution provider. NET(net) was able to quickly assess our current state, identify additional relationship enhancing elements, and execute a highly coordinated strategy and approach that provided us with a complete partnership picture and an informed decision. The result was a highly optimized agreement, including a significant TCO reduction and risk mitigation parameters to guard against budget and schedule over runs. With NET(net)’s assistance, Merlin ultimately realized its goals while streamlining the negotiations process and strengthening the relationship at the executive and operational levels with our POS solution provider.”
    –Chris Dare

    Global IS Director, Merlin Entertainments

  • “As the leader of the Holly Corporation IT department, I am constantly focused on providing world class service at the lowest possible cost to my business community. Developing a partnership with NET(net) has enabled me to do that, while maintaining positive and constructive relationships with my suppliers. NET(net)’s expertise and professionalism is second to none, and I plan on growing their involvement in our critical IT service agreement negotiations. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any IT manager or leader who wants to have the confidence that they are getting the best deals possible.”
    –Nellson Burns
    VP, Information Technology, Holly Corporation

  • “In the past, we simply paid the annual support invoices our large suppliers sent us without much thought about our options and alternatives. NET(net) challenged us to think more carefully about our business requirements, and how those requirements could be satisfied differently. They then helped us customize an agreement that provides us with everything we need for our business at a much lower cost. We learned much more about the process than we previously knew, and now feel better prepared for the future. Working with NET(net) was a great experience and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in maximizing the value they get from their IT investments.”
    –Andrew Pardue
    Vice President Information Services, Dynamex

  • “As a global dispersed manufacturing organization, it is imperative that we achieve a high degree of performance and value from our principal wide-area networking supplier. We engaged NET(net) to assist us in the procurement of a new contract for global MPLS services, using their expertise in and knowledge of the global market of WAN services.
 On this account they met our expectations and we were very pleased with their professionalism. NET(net)’s consultant provided valuable input towards our Request For Proposal and gave good advice regarding our strategy for dealing with the different offerings & technologies. The results helped us to find a supplier that will most probably meet our needs and will materialize projected cost savings.”
    –Florence Brenot
    General Supplies Purchasing Director, Global Closure Systems

  • “NET(net) has helped Hilton achieve greater value, both economically and strategically, on some of our most complex and intricate software agreements. We continue to leverage NET(net)’s expertise to more pervasively optimize and negotiate with our strategic software suppliers. When negotiating with any software organization today, you need the financial and legal protections and best practices of NET(net).”
    –Rob Webb

    CIO, Hilton Worldwide

  • “Due to the complexity of our specific software licensing terms and the extensive number of possible options, we were naturally concerned about NET(net)’s ability to help us improve the situation. We were pleasantly surprised that in a short period, NET (net) was able to point out several areas of immediate and significant cost savings and terms improvements, ultimately resulting in substantial savings. In several cases, NET(net) brought ideas and options to our attention that we would not have discovered, and that none of our supplier partners brought forward. Based on this excellent performance, we are discussing further opportunities with NET(net).”
    –Bruno Bichon
    CIO, TDF Group

  • “We simply could not be happier with the services and results of NET(net). We have been able to save significant costs while concurrently building better and more strategic business partnerships with our key technology suppliers.”
    –Jim Haney
    Chief Information Officer, Harley Davidson 

  • “I am very pleased with the insight, advice, and negotiating proficiency that NET(net) brought to our team. NET(net) was able to help us optimize our enterprise software investments, resulting in outstanding long term value and benefits for us. NET(net) was able to supplement our strategy with the market information we needed, as well as a proven process for achieving success. NET(net) also provided highly professional yet tenacious advice for unwavering ‘at the bargaining table’ tactics, resulting in highly customized and non-standard concessions designed for enduring benefits. Now, we are strategically aligned for a future partnership with our suppliers with shared goals and objectives that result in long lasting mutual gains and benefits.“
    -Scott Ranson
    CIO, Brookdale Senior Living

  • “We have always been doing IT procurement, but determined we actually had a strong need to develop a strategic supplier management capability.  With NET(net)’s Vested Management Option (VMO) we dramatically improved the economic value and strategic performance of our relationships with IT suppliers.  In addition, we fully funded this world class capability with the economic value we harvested from our investments.”
-CIO & VP Enterprise Innovation 
College of American Pathologists

  • “NET(net) provided Nalco with detailed benchmarking information, and highlighted the delta between what we were paying and the true value of our critical enterprise software investments.  They helped us derive more value by developing creative strategies for negotiating directly with IT suppliers to significantly lower our costs.  The NET(net) team was patient and persistent and stayed with us to explore varied alternatives, in one case past 3am local time.  NET(net) was willing to not only provide guidance from the sidelines, but as needed in key negotiations, actually got into the driver’s seat and negotiated on our behalf.”
    – John Tidd
    VP, Global Procurement, Nalco Company

  • “We engaged NET(net) to assist us with a broad acquisition of ERP applications and database software, middleware and supporting hardware and services.  NET(net)’s experience in these areas enabled us to quickly appreciate how much additional savings and benefits could be achieved with our IT Supplier’s proposals.  The information NET(net) provided plus the direct negotiations NET(net) undertook on our behalf delivered not only significant savings but also dramatic improvements in the agreement structures in a matter of weeks.  This was extremely important to our company and an outstanding result.”
    -Renato Oyakawa
    Director, Aceco TI

  • “Summit Materials was in a unique position from an IT perspective.  As a company that had grown rapidly through acquisition we had a number of well-established regional IT operations. However, we had no central hub through which all of those regions could connect and share information.  As a construction materials company, IT is not our core competency, and we had little interest in standing up our own corporate data center.  We retained NET(net) to help us explore the options for outsourcing our central IT functions, while maintaining the bulk of the autonomy of our local IT functions.  Working with NET(net) we first quantified a make versus buy analysis.  Once the cost savings from outsourcing were clear, we prepared a Request for Proposal and NET(net) helped us identify several vendors that could address our unique requirements.  NET(net) worked alongside us throughout the vetting, vendor selection, and contract negotiation processes.  Their input was enormously helpful as they were able to bring the selected vendor and proposed contract more in line with current market best practices.  The NET(net) team was terrific to work with, and we certainly plan to do so again.”


    -Shawn D. Tucker
    VP of Performance Improvement
    Summit Materials

  • “NET(net) has been a valuable partner by providing expert consulting with our various IT suppliers and product families, specific to acquisition, licensing and ongoing costs.  They have seasoned staff that understand the interrelation of major vendor portfolios, as well as deep knowledge of IT suppliers.  NET(net) has helped Caesars level the playing field with our key IT suppliers.”
    -Charly Paelinck
    VP of IT, Caesars Entertainment

  • “Working for an organization that drives revenue through technology, and having created the procurement and technology operations support functions, my team tends to have a chip on its shoulder regarding having the expertise to optimize technology agreements.  Believe me when I say that it was not easy to introduce NET(net) to the team.  Specifically since NET(net) would basically perform our same role and responsibilities!  Well, the team was quick to discover that we can learn a ton from NET(net) around performing a detailed approach to a potential transaction, creating leverage with vendors through improved market analysis, performing an unbiased review of the project and simply asking the right questions to both our internal customers and external providers.  The end result is a fantastic complement to our team’s services and a reduction in annual operating costs.  I would like to thank NET(net) for its continued support and I look forward to saving more money and optimizing our services!”
    -Phil Sichhart
    Senior Director of Global Procurement
    Orbitz Worldwide