Take your Negotiation Game to the Next Level

Author: Steven Zolman

Clearly, Main Street–and the government–has Wall Street in its crosshairs. So now is the perfect time for organizations to review their agreements and show their shareholders that they are willing to take fiscal responsibility department by department wherever and whenever possible. One way to do this is to negotiate better deals across the enterprise.

You can hone your IT negotiation skills with renowned industry experts from NET(net), the world leader in IT Investment Optimization. NET(net) University’s Negotiation Program, conducted at DePaul’s O’Hare campus in Chicago, is a two-day program dedicated to developing the theory and practice of strategic sourcing, contract negotiations and dispute resolution to reach commercial terms. With improved skills in these areas, you will be able to give your company the competitive edge it deserves.

The NET(net) University Negotiation Program is designed for organizations that want to gain a better understanding of the Information Technology (IT) marketplace and improve their ability to negotiate with IT suppliers. The IT marketplace is a highly specialized arena where customers often make large purchases, but do so infrequently. Because many organizations do not negotiate with IT suppliers on a regular basis, they are at a disadvantage when negotiating with IT suppliers who contract these types of agreements more frequently and consistently, with a higher level of understanding about how to structure a favorable outcome.

The NET(net) University Negotiation Program provides a complete understanding of the value which results from understanding the art and science of negotiation, and includes three major areas:

Sourcing and Selection Negotiation Leading Practices Commercial Terms and Agreements

During the two day program, participants will engage in exercises which provide hands-on experience understanding the various components of the deal and how to manage communications and expectations. Participants leave with the ability to win at the bargaining table, but also with the understanding that negotiation is more than just the art of letting ‘them’ have ‘your’ way; it is about the ability to develop sustainable business relationships for the long term.

This NET(net) University Negotiation Program gives you unprecedented access to market intelligence, industry best practices and proven processes, as well as practical guidance and real-world advice from some of the most distinguished experts in the industry. At NET(net) University, we can show you how to leverage your existing technology assets and planned technology purchases at the bargaining table to take advantage of a new willingness from suppliers to collaborate strategically to find creative answers to pervasive industry problems.

In this new economic environment, whether you are negotiating deals for SaaS, Cloud, Hosting, Hardware, Software, IT Services, Outsourcing, Managed Services or Telecommunications, take your knowledge, skills and expertise to the next level to capture more value at and away from the bargaining table.

The best of the best in IT investment optimization and supplier negotiations are ready to help you navigate the complex world of creating value, capturing value, and structuring long term sustainable business partnerships, focused on performance and mutual gains. If you would like to take your game to the next level, help your organization capture significantly more value at and away from the bargaining table, and help your organization demonstrate fiscal responsibility to your shareholders by negotiating better deals, consider attending this NET(net) University Negotiation Program. We can help you use the art and science of optimization and negotiations to secure an agreement that meets and exceeds your organization’s needs and expectations.

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