Major Supplier’s FYE Approaching

Author: Steven Zolman

It’s a truism in software and services negotiation: suppliers are more willing to make special deals and terms concessions as their financial years and quarters end.  But clients all too frequently fail to make use of this information – to start your preparations with enough lead time, to use the very real supplier deadline in your favor.

To help you organize your plans, we’ve listed the Fiscal Year end dates for a number of major suppliers in this table.  Take a few moments to mark your calendars with at least three months’ lead time to get in touch with NET(net) to maximize your value from the supplier Fiscal Year ends.

Accenture 31-Aug
CGI Group, Inc. 30-Sep
Amdocs, Inc. 30-Sep
Apple, Inc. 30-Sep
Hewlett Packard Company 31-Oct
Synopsys, Inc. 31-Oct
Adobe Systems Incorporated 30-Nov
IBM 31-Dec
SAP AG 31-Dec
EMC Corporation 31-Dec
Capgemini 31-Dec
SunGard Data Systems, Inc. 31-Dec
Unisys Corporation 31-Dec
Fiserv, Inc. 31-Dec
Juniper Networks, Inc. 31-Dec
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation 31-Dec
Convergys Corporation 31-Dec
SAS Institute, Inc. 31-Dec
Gemalto NV 31-Dec
VMware, Inc. 31-Dec
McAfee, Inc. 31-Dec
Cerner Corporation 31-Dec
Citrix Systems, Inc. 31-Dec
DST Systems, Inc. 31-Dec
Software AG, Inc. 31-Dec
SAIC, Inc. 31-Jan
Logica plc 31-Jan
Autodesk, Inc. 31-Jan
Symantec Corporation
Wipro Limited 31-Mar
Tata Consultancy 31-Mar
Infosys Technologies Limited 31-Mar
CA, Inc. 31-Mar
McKesson Corporation 31-Mar
BMC Software, Inc. 31-Mar
Computer Sciences Corporation 30-Apr
Oracle Corporation 31-May
Sun Microsystems, Inc. 31-May
Microsoft Corporation 30-Jun
Intuit, Inc. 31-Jul

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