Virgin Care обратилась к NET(net) с запросом на оценку и помощь в ведении сделки, предположительной стоимостью в 7£ млн, с одним из наших наиболее стратегических поставщиков. Профильные эксперты NET(net) смогли выявить глубокие несоответствия в предложенных условиях, ценах и планах проекта, что помогло нам добится значительно больших экономических выгод и сбережений, чем ожидалось. Результат оказался впечатляющим, начиная с того, что итоговая экономия составила более 1£ млн за 5 лет. Таким же впечатляющим оказался короткий срок, за который мы смогли прийти к соглашению. Оказанные сверх того услуги Сроков и найма, Планирования и Бюджета, а также and дополнительный анализ условий существенно улучшили финальный результат сделки. Помимо того, путем улучшения цен на будущие заказы, нам удалось смягчить долгосрочные риски, что со временем привело к большей отдаче. Суммируя, мы были больше, чем довольны не только результатом, но профессионализмом и знаниями сотрудников NET(net), которые смогли критически проанализировать комплексное соглашение и переработать его в эффективную модель партнерства, которое будет приносить нам прибыль в течение нескольких лет.

Virgin Care LTD

Благодаря помощи, анализу и направлению NET(net), нам удалось найти и определить такой подход к лицензированию с одним из наших крупнейших поставщиков программного обеспечения, которого не смогли предложить ни сам поставщик, ни его дилеры. Этот подход позволяет нам производить тот же пакет технологий, но на 37% ниже по себестоимости. В Burger King Corp. привита культура непрерывного улучшения, включая следование нашим планам более эффективно и экономно. Сотрудничество с NET(net) помогло нам добиться высокого качества по существенно сниженных затратах.

Burger King

Мы обратились к NET(net) за помощью в переходе с наших собственных центров обработки и хранения данных на дата-центры IaaS.  С самого начала на нас произвело большое впечатление методиками и подходом команды NET(net) по профессиональным услугам.  После короткой оценки, они начали процесс и выбрали решение, наиболее подходящее нам экономически и технически.  Мы совместно работали по внедрению плана и переговорам сразу с несколькими поставщиками, ни разу не потеряв направление к нашей цели.   В конечном итоге, как план, так и внедрение стали ключевыми в получении существенных снижений затрат, наряду со сроками и условиями, которые будут приносить нам дивиденды еще много лет.  Мы с нетерпением ждем возможности нового сотрудничества с NET(net) в ближайшем будущем.


NET(net) has helped Hilton achieve greater value, both economically and strategically, on some of our most complex and intricate software agreements. We continue to leverage NET(net)’s expertise to more pervasively optimize and negotiate with our strategic software suppliers. When negotiating with any software organization today, you need the financial and legal protections and best practices of NET(net).

Hilton Hotel

We simply could not be happier with the services and results of NET(net). We have been able to save significant costs while concurrently building better and more strategic business partnerships with our key technology suppliers.

Harley Davidson

As a senior technology executive in a Fortune 500 environment, I’ve worked with NET(net) to optimize my investments with key technology providers, resulting in millions in savings and benefits. NET(net) helped me develop highly optimized multi-year strategies to significantly improve value to my organization. I recommend the services of NET(net) to help any organization maximize the value of its technology investments.

Capital One

We recently engaged NET(net) to advise us regarding a complicated renegotiation with one of our key strategic suppliers. The NET(net) team was able to help us analyze, assess, and validate our current environment and convert that into strategy to guide negotiations. There were several layers of complexity around getting this done such as the number of parties associated with negotiations. Working together, we were able to arrive at an agreement that ensures we are ‘right sized’ for the future. We would consider engaging NET(net) again for assistance and advice with our strategic technology partners should the need arise.

Sophos Limited

We were very pleased with the results obtained from NET(net). The experience, negotiating skills, knowledge of the subject and commitment to add value to the business that NET(net) brought to the project were crucial to our success. Furthermore, NET(net) helped develop creative strategies for negotiating with suppliers and significantly reduced our costs associated with purchasing software.

Companhia Sulamericana de Distribuição

When working to acquire licenses for a popular cloud-based application, we engaged NET(net) to help us ensure we were getting the best possible deal parameters for our needs. NET(net) was able to accurately predict the supplier’s behavior, objections, and concessions. After completing their process, we were able to achieve much more value from the supplier that we had initially anticipated, at a reduced cost. The ROI on NET(net)’s services was beyond my expectations. I would recommend engaging NET(net) to anyone interested in maximizing the value they receive from their IT suppliers.


Our experience with NET(net) turned out to be even better than anticipated. Not only did they generate greater savings than we thought possible, and do it in significantly less time than we could have, but they also made sure the non-financial aspects (contract, SLA’s, supplier commitments, etc.) were more favorable to AMCOL. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and look forward to our next engagement.

AMCOL International

NET(net) Europe has become a key partner for us in securing strategic and economic value in our key technology investments, agreements and relationships. This is absolutely critical, particularly where we have to punch above our weight in global equipment markets. NET(net) Europe is very aligned to our business objectives by implementing proactive and innovative solutions in strategic sourcing and supplier management, while often exceeding our expectations.

JT Global

Based on NET(net)’s success in IT optimization programs for our portfolio companies, we engaged them to help us with an important internal IT project where the vendor had a niche product. With NET(net) we completed a strategic evaluation of the product. They then helped us negotiate pricing, terms and conditions resulting in a 30% reduction in subscription cost and a 50% reduction in incremental costs. The NET(net) team was terrific to work with, and we certainly plan to recommend them and work with them again.

General Atlantic

When we hired NET(net) to optimize our enterprise software investment, our roadmap indicated a need to purchase additional licenses. NET(net) helped us understand how to make more effective use of our existing licenses and enabled us to not only avoid any new purchases but also save millions on our legacy investments.

Armstrong World Industries

“Getting a deal with SAP where you believe that you’ve maximised the value of the deal is never an easy task. There’s a lot of moving parts, and you don’t always realise the implications of what you are agreeing until it’s too late (and after the deal is done). When Blackstone introduced NET(net) to me, and they took a look at our situation and came up with options in the SAP license arena where by we could generate significant value… well I was skeptical. Could they really deliver on what they said they could? Not only did we deliver enough value in the short term to justify the change we made, but we got a lot of future proofing in the deal so that there’s potential for further value to be added over the longer run. And that’s easy to forget, but with NET(net) you get everything on the table and tackle it when it’s there to be done. I would encourage anyone that’s got a big deal coming down the pipe, or who’s looking to revamp the status quo… to speak with NET(net) and get them in play. There’s nothing to lose and you just might be surprised with what there is to gain.


NET(net) knowledge changed the HBC strategy, drove more precise and cost effective answers out of the provider’s sales team, all of which resulted in a very significant savings over what we would have otherwise executed.

Rick Thompson,
CIO, Harris Broadcast

When negotiating complex IT deals, NET(net) yields positive results, beyond just savings. They also focus on obtaining the most favorable terms and conditions.

Del Monte

NET(net) is a partner who can navigate the most intricate of details in a contract. NET(net) professionals understand the variety of businesses within the IT space and can hone in on critical areas of optimization with the suppliers. In working with NET(net), Brixmor has not only been able to reduce its telecommunication contracts by 37%, but is providing better, more complete services to the business at an optimized cost structure. NET(net) is a trusted partner in reviewing and negotiating contracts with various IT suppliers.”


Motel 6 was in the middle of a carve-out of an independent business from our prior European parent. In the process of setting up our separate operations, we were in negotiations with a major IT supplier with a very limited amount of time and many business and technical complexities. In particular, working the IT Supplier organization across borders and in a leveraged position was very difficult. With about one month until the new organization needed to be in place, we still did not have an acceptable financial offer from IT Supplier, and we had concerns about the configuration of the offer. The assistance of NET(net) was invaluable and they were highly responsive in a very busy period for the business. In 10 days, and as a team, we delivered a final negotiated deal with a configuration that maximized the flexibility for Motel 6 going forward, corrected several problematic issues in the agreement, achieved over $1.3M in additional savings, and configured the solution to avoid over $700K of future capital spending. It was a great partnership.

Motel 6

NET(net)’s creativeness allowed us to quickly understand the many options that were available to us, including many that the IT supplier did not offer. The information NET(net) provided gave us the confidence we needed to challenge our supplier in a way we had not been able to previously. NET(net)’s optimization methodology and negotiations techniques helped us achieve 3x more savings than we would have been able to on our own, and accomplished it in just weeks, not months. I would recommend NET(net) to anyone who is interested in getting to your IT suppliers absolute best offer

American Tire DIstributors

NET(net) advised and educated us on the complex licensing models available from our desktop software supplier. NET(net) was able to quickly understand our business requirements, navigate the numerous options, and help us determine the right licensing configuration for our needs. Through the collaboration with NET(net), we accomplished what we wanted at a more optimized cost than we would have achieved on our own.

Isola Group

Having gone through the process of seeing how NET(net) leverages its expertise to handle the complexities that exist in the software marketplace, makes it unimaginable to think of conducting an important negotiation without assistance from NET(net).

Service Master

We worked with NET(net) to sharpen our enterprise software agreements and we achieved notable results. One of their advanced strengths lies in optimization of contract language and in the right environment they can be extremely effective.

Freescale Semiconductor

NET(net) worked with us every step of the way to make sure our needs were fully addressed. They built a customized plan suited to our needs and helped us manage all the supplier interaction in the way we wanted it handled. Through demonstration of subject matter expertise, NET(net) gave us a high degree of confidence that we had the right team on the case.


NET(net)’s understanding of the market and ability to execute transformational change on a timely basis will enable Biomet Europe to realize exceptional savings and capture value for years to come. We highly recommend NET(net) to other companies given NET(net)’s core expertise in software negotiations and their successful track record of collaborating with Biomet’s internal IT people and our suppliers.


Lenta has a sustainable growth strategy to become a top three multi-format food retailer and double our selling space by 2020, all while maintaining profitable growth.  With our most recent engagement, NET(net) helped us achieve significant results that directly contributed to each of those objectives.  SAP is one of Lenta’s most strategic suppliers in facilitating business processes across the organization, so of course this was an important engagement for us.  NET(net) not only achieved cost savings that exceeded expectations, but enabled us to map the new agreement directly to our company priorities.  We now have cost predictability with incremental services, a new licensing model, M&A risk mitigation, and other terms and conditions crafted that solidifies IT’s place as a change agent and business facilitator within Lenta.  We look forward to many more successes working with NET(net).


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