Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive

International Cash: Banking and Microsoft
SAP Resources
Eurozone Banking Chief - Trouble Ahead?

NET(net) 15 YEar Anniversary - Iceland
Infrastructure Spend - Significant Savings Replacing MPLS
Fortune: IBM - More Revenue Decline

ITAM SAP Group: Spurious Indirect Claims
Microsoft: Resources
Fortune: Cyber Attack Traced to Software

  • May 2017

    SAP Suing More Clients
    Microsoft: Yes, you are paying too much
    Fortune: Microsoft Ransomware – A Strategy?

  • April 2017

    Microsoft Azure Webinar
    SDN Networks – Get On It
    Vendor Risk Management

  • March 2017

    Oracle Doubles Down
    Microsoft Resources
    CIOs on the Board

  • February 2017

    Oracle Resource Library
    SAP Landmark Lawsuit Against Diageo
    BDA Program

  • January 2017

    “Little Big Blue”, an IBM Article by Manager Magazin’ Quoting Steven Zolman, from NET(net)
    Microsoft: What’s Free Today is Fee Tomorrow
    Microsoft Product Knowledge Quiz

  • December 2016

    An Open Letter from CEO, Kellsey Le
    SAP and Oracle License Transfers: How can you beat free?
    Salesforce Resources: Benchmark, Whitepaper, Articles and more..

  • November 2016

    The Salesforce Benchmark: Don’t Procrastinate – Know What You Should Be Paying
    In the News: 2016 Election’s Tech Impact
    Research: SAP Fiscal Year End, Video: FMI – Federated Market Intelligence That Drives Benchmarking

  • October 2016

    The Art of Successful Supplier Negotiations Part II
    In the News: Technology Levels the Vendor Playing Field
    Research: Salesforce Whitepaper Updated for 2016, Oracle Case Study

  • September 2016

    The Art of Successful Supplier Negotiations Part 1
    In the News: How Will Potential Purchase of Twitter by Disney, Salesforce or Google Change It?
    Video Series: Getting Value in IT

  • August 2016

    An Open Letter to CFOs: The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem
    In the News: Workday’s Earnings, Worry for SAP and Oracle
    Video Series: The Importance of IT Market Knowledge

  • July 2016

    Oracle Cloud: The King is Dead, Long Live the King
    Microsoft Market Alert: Changes to Licensing Terms
    In the News: Oracle to Buy Netsuite for $9.3B
    Video Series: Importance of Federated Market Intelligence

  • June 2016

    Top Questions to Ask Before You Take the Slow Road to SAP Hana
    “Am I Paying Too Much?” Find Our on Oracle and SAP
    5 Ways CIOs and IT Leaders Can Do More With Less
    Video Series: The Technology Cartel, and Why You Overpay by 30-40%

  • May 2016

    Learn how you can Benchmark Oracle using NET(net)’s newly launched, FMI on Demand™
    Premium Content: Oracle Indentured Servitude
    Infrastructure’s New World Order
    In The News: Can Oracle Customers Play Hardball and Win?

  • April 2016

    Top 5 Suppliers to Take Action With Now for Significant Value and Savings!
    Infrastructure: The Market is Disrupting..  Know Your Opportunities and Risks
    Market Alert: ‘Lightening’ Pricing Change – Don’t Get Zapped!
    In The News: CIO Reflects on “Trauma” of Oracle Re-licensing Deal

  • March 2016

    Oracle Audit Money Tree – Are You at Risk?
    WIN(win) Version 3.0 Released
    Whitepaper: Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself from an Oracle Audit
    Microsoft Case Study
    Preparing for License Reviews

  • February 2016

    Microsoft SAM Reviews: Incmpentance or Deliberate Business Strategy?
    Top 7 Ways You are Overpaying Microsoft
    What does NET(net) do, and how do we do it?
    Spotlight on the Subject Matter Expert: Michael Welsh
    Whitepaper: Facing an Oracle Audit?

  • January 2016

    The State of CRM 2015
    Benchmarking Your Salesforce Agreement
    IBM CEO: Ginny Rometty, Ouster Imminent
    Spotlight on the Subject Matter Expert: Scott Braden
    Whitepaper: An Inside Look at Salesforce

  • December 2015

    Technology Value at Year-End
    Supplier Focus: SAP
    Thought Leadership: Dell EMC Merger
    NET(net) Announcements
    Spotlight on the Subject Matter Expert
    WIN(win) Supplier Portal

  • October 2015

    Top 10 Audit Crazy Suppliers
    Audit Defense Armor
    WIN(win) Supplier Portal
    Management Announcements

  • August 2015

    Tame the Microsoft Gorilla, One Google at a Time
    Don’t Overpay Microsoft
    WIN(win) Platform Updates!
    NET(net) Events and Speaking Engagements

  • July 2015

    7 Ways to Walk the Walk With Disruptive Technology
    Salesforce Market Survey
    Dexter Siglin, VP of Marketing and Business Development
    NET(net)’s New Facebook Page

  • June 2015

    What’s Your Microsoft Licensing IQ
    Punch Above Your Weight and Modernize Your Supply Chain
    Our Top 5 BI Trends for 2015 – and Why You Should Care

  • May 2015

    Cybsersecurity Spend on the Rise
    Microsoft Case Study
    Are your SLAs Meaningless?

  • April 2015

    Top 5 Ways Oracle Makes you see Red
    Defend Yourself from an Oracle Audit
    Build Sustainable Value with Microsoft
    Introducing WIN(win) 2.0