Software, Hardware, IT Neutrality

Software, Hardware, IT Neutrality IT NEGOTIATION NEUTRALITY — Ask Us How

Negotiating hardware, software, and information technologies requires neutrality. IT Negotiation firms may appear to provide fundamentally the same scope of services and are postured with equal neutrality. Not so. Ask these questions first and then engage NET(net).

How do you fund your market research?

NET(net) takes no money from no supplier, accepts no supplier monies or favors and funds its own Federated Market Intelligence at its own considerable expense.

Some firms fund their market research with contributions from technology suppliers or otherwise serve technology suppliers as customers or partners.

Do you accept any money or any benefit from any supplier for any reason?

NET(net) takes no money or benefit from any supplier and therefore is not beholden to anyone but its clients.

Some providers accept money from suppliers for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they are paid ‘on the back end’ or they may be given special treatment at trade shows or industry events or taken on expensive private briefings.

Do you receive any other benefit from the sale or service of any technology and/or supplier?

NET(net) receives no benefit from the sale of any technology product or service.

Some providers who promote themselves as being able to help you reduce your costs actually resell the technology solutions they are telling you they can help you license more effectively.

Are you bound to report any compliancy issues to any supplier, organization, or agency?

NET(net) is bound to confidentiality with its clients and has no binding responsibility to report anything to anyone.

Some providers are bound to report suspected compliancy issues to the BSA or the SIIA or to the supplier organization whose technology is being consumed improperly.

Do you offer any bounties to anyone to report suspected compliancy violations?

NET(net) offers no such bounties.

Some watchdog organizations have the ability to offer large bounties to disgruntled employees to disclose information about the compliancy status of your technology agreements.

Are you looking for inefficiencies in our procurement process so you can sell us tools or training?

NET(net) has no incentive to sell procurement tools or training services.

Some providers want to lure you in with their capabilities, but in reality want to sell you on their tools and procurement training services.

Do you project significant savings and then underachieve?

NET(net) helps clients save more than 115% of its projections.

Some providers project big savings opportunities and then are not able to deliver.