IT Managed Services Keeping Value: Viable, Equitable, Sustainable

On average, clients save more than 33% through NET(net) Optimization and Negotiation services at the point of initial purchase or renewal. However, some of that value can erode over the life of the contract if suppliers are not strategically managed on a go-forward basis. Now there’s a way to protect the value of these investments without diluting value by distracting your team from their current responsibilities. Engaging in NET(net) Managed Services effectively ensures you keep your value throughout the life of your contracts.

We Will Manage Your Relationships

Supplier relationships are largely left unmanaged after the initial deal is done. Clients focus on getting value from the technology they bought, and suppliers focus on getting new customers. Unmanaged relationships will suffer over time and will often fail to live up to their potential. NET(net) can help you develop a customized relationship management plan to keep your relationships on track and living up to their promise.

We Will Manage Your Contracts

Complex supplier contracts have many milestones, reporting requirements, notices, and alerts that, if left unmanaged, can cost a client unneeded time, aggravation and expense. NET(net) can help you manage your IT contracts in a way that eliminates unexpected costs and keeps you in control.

We Will Govern Compliancy

Suppliers generally have audit rights, and the fees associated with non-compliance are dizzying. Most organizations struggle with fully understanding their rights and controlling their deployments – and as a result have significant exposure. NET(net) can help you manage the compliancy of your supplier agreements, eliminating the significant risk and exposure associated with non-compliance.