Ten Years of Delivering Value More than $150 Billion Captured Since 2002

Thirteen years ago, NET(net) Founder and CEO, Steven Zolman started this company with a business model and a vision. He envisioned a company that would be the premier source of IT supplier market intelligence, an organization that would operate globally, and help clients optimize their IT investments, agreements, and relationships with key technology suppliers. 

Only 2 out of 100 companies survive to see their 10-year anniversary. NET(net) has beaten the odds and succeeded where so many have failed because we recognized a need in the marketplace and responded by providing effective solutions.

We saw that clients were completely ill equipped to deal with the complexities that technology suppliers routinely exploited to claim value. Not only was there a lack of information, but purchasers didn’t even know what they didn’t know. Now, we are able to help clients by informing them about the science and solutions behind intelligent technology purchases. We have served the unique and demanding needs of over 1500 global clients, have been involved in over 15,000 field engagements, and have helped our clients capture incremental value in excess of $150 billion since 2002.

We’ve learned a lot in 10+ years. We have found that clients of all sizes share the same challenges. We’ve worked with clients in virtually every industry and in all geographies. Across the board, one thing remains the same – there are always significant opportunities to help clients identify economic and/or strategic improvements.

Regardless of spend category, whether SaaS, cloud, hardware, software, services, infrastructure, outsourcing, or telecommunications, we have achieved a consistent average savings percentage of around 33%. These savings are regularly achieved regardless of whether it’s in the optimization and negotiation of a new investment, or in the optimization and renegotiation of an existing investment.

Finding savings in this way is a science, but there is an art to the process as well. Over the years, we have continued to master this craft while simultaneously solidifying our role and our position in the market.

For the first five years of our existence we crafted a successful business model, assembled the best people for the job, developed the best processes and demonstrated the best results. However, it wasn’t until after the global financial crisis that our business really went big time. After the GFC, we began partnering with the worlds’ leading private equity firms, who were keenly interested in driving operational efficiencies in the form of cost savings. Several partnerships with prestigious private equity firms revealed the force multiplier effect of our collaboration, and NET(net) quickly emerged as the go-to resource for IT optimization in supplier investments, agreements, and relationships.

Overall, one of the most important things we have learned over the past 10 years is the importance of client relationships. We’re incredibly thankful to the clients who believed in us in our early formative years.

As we look at industry trends and the monumental challenges our clients will face, we look forward to helping our clients capture even more value for the next 10 years, and well into the future.