Contract Compass — Safe and Accessible

Contract Compass — Safe and Accessible Best-of-Class SaaS Technology

Leverage our technology: Contract Compass is NET(net)’s On-Demand Contract Management System for storage and management of all contracts in a secure, encrypted environment. As a web-based SaaS platform, Contract Compass provides all authorized members 24/7 transparent access to the contract library. There is no software to purchase or installation required.

NET(net) leverages the power of Contract Compass to achieve maximum value on all contracts across your enterprise. Web-based visibility ensures immediate access to the most recent data from anywhere you have web access. From supplier meetings to intraoffice conferences, financial administration can review the specific comments through an  easy-to-use interface.

No more time-consuming searches for contracts, multiple copies, mail or express costs, or inaccurate documentation. We can help simplify the management and effectiveness of your IT contracts. Contact NET(net) today.