Steve Canter

“NET(net)’s Money Back service was incremental to anything we had previously done or considered doing. It required only minimal involvement from our staff. For the first time ever, we actually received Money Back from our software supplier for previous charges they levied on us that, as it turns out, were not calculated and processed correctly. NET(net) was able to detect the over-charge condition, quantify it, and negotiated Money Back from our supplier without damaging the relationship. Prior to engaging NET(net) we had an excellent relationship with our software supplier, however as we engaged NET(net) we found that there was room for both strategic and economic improvements. NET(net)’s professionalism and optimization services not only helped us claim greater economic value in the form of significant savings in our critical technology investments, it helped us build an improved and more sustainable relationship with our supplier.”
–Steve Canter
Chief Information Officer, Berlin Packaging

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