Shawn D. Tucker

“Summit Materials was in a unique position from an IT perspective.  As a company that had grown rapidly through acquisition we had a number of well-established regional IT operations. However, we had no central hub through which all of those regions could connect and share information.  As a construction materials company, IT is not our core competency, and we had little interest in standing up our own corporate data center.  We retained NET(net) to help us explore the options for outsourcing our central IT functions, while maintaining the bulk of the autonomy of our local IT functions.  Working with NET(net) we first quantified a make versus buy analysis.  Once the cost savings from outsourcing were clear, we prepared a Request for Proposal and NET(net) helped us identify several vendors that could address our unique requirements.  NET(net) worked alongside us throughout the vetting, vendor selection, and contract negotiation processes.  Their input was enormously helpful as they were able to bring the selected vendor and proposed contract more in line with current market best practices.  The NET(net) team was terrific to work with, and we certainly plan to do so again.”


-Shawn D. Tucker
VP of Performance Improvement
Summit Materials

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