Phil Sichhart

“Working for an organization that drives revenue through technology, and having created the procurement and technology operations support functions, my team tends to have a chip on its shoulder regarding having the expertise to optimize technology agreements.  Believe me when I say that it was not easy to introduce NET(net) to the team.  Specifically since NET(net) would basically perform our same role and responsibilities!  Well, the team was quick to discover that we can learn a ton from NET(net) around performing a detailed approach to a potential transaction, creating leverage with vendors through improved market analysis, performing an unbiased review of the project and simply asking the right questions to both our internal customers and external providers.  The end result is a fantastic complement to our team’s services and a reduction in annual operating costs.  I would like to thank NET(net) for its continued support and I look forward to saving more money and optimizing our services!”
-Phil Sichhart
Senior Director of Global Procurement
Orbitz Worldwide

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