Merlin Entertainments

Situation: So it could make a fully informed POS supplier selection, Merlin engaged NET(net) to develop a process with the requisite du diligence to ensure solicitation of all the material commercial elements. Using NET(net)’s proprietary optimization process, the team assessed the proposals and presented a recommended strategy and approach for enhancing the overall value of the commercial elements of the proposals across software licensing, maintenance and support, training, and implementation services. NET(net) also provided advisory services to assist Merlin throughout the contracting process with the respective suppliers.
Results: The final agreement executed with the chosen supplier contains material cost savings of approximately 28%, but more importantly long-term price protections and significant business flexibility. The executive relationship with Merlin and chosen supplier was also enhanced as part of the entire process.
“Merlin had invested considerable time and internal resources in a strategic Point of Sale (POS) solution evaluation. Merlin then partnered with NET(net) to ensure competitiveness and sustainability of the relationship structure with the chosen POS solution provider. NET(net) was able to quickly assess our current state, identify additional relationship enhancing elements, and execute a highly coordinated strategy and approach that provided us with a complete partnership picture and an informed decision. The result was a highly optimized agreement, including a significant TCO reduction and risk mitigation parameters to guard against budget and schedule over-runs. With NET(net)’s assistance, Merlin ultimately realized its goals while streamlining the negotiations process and strengthening the relationship at the executive and operational levels with our POS solution provider.”
–Chris Dare, Global IS Director

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