Capital One

Situation: The client was two years into a three-year software agreement, facing a sizeable true-up obligation and experiencing a lack of innovation on the desktop.
Results: The high level results of the Capital One engagement reflect a sound multi-year strategy that enabled significant cost reductions, while gaining valuable insights on owned, deployed, and consumed licenses as well as the manner in which the consumed licenses were used. NET(net) conducted detailed optimization activities, accounting for the client’s business requirements, infrastructure, and current and planned usage scenarios as well as suppliers licensed product releases, editions and versions.  NET(net) helped the client secure very significant cost reductions, taking their total investment structure from $41.6 million to $18.2 million, a savings of $23.4 million, or 56.25%.
“As a senior technology executive in a Fortune 500 environment, I’ve worked with NET(net) to optimize my investments with key technology providers, resulting in millions in savings and benefits. NET(net) helped me develop highly optimized multi-year strategies to significantly improve value to my organization. I recommend the services of NET(net) to help any organization maximize the value of its technology investments.”
–Robert Turner, Former CTO

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