Burger King

Situation: Burger King was seeking to renegotiate desktop software spend spanning the entire enterprise while identifying licensing needs and decreasing annual spend.
Results: A new arrangement, including appropriate licensing renewals, was executed resulting in 37% savings over a 3-year agreement as well a projected $1.4 Million savings over the next 6 years, a 27% savings.
“With NET(net)’s assistance, analysis and guidance we were able to identify and evaluate an approach to our licensing needs with one of our major software suppliers that neither our supplier nor their reseller had offered. This approach allows us to deliver exactly the same set of technology, but at a 37% lower cost. At Burger King Corp., we have instilled a culture of continuous improvement that includes ways to execute on our plans more efficiently and cost effectively. Working with NET(net) has enabled us to deliver high quality technology at significantly reduced costs.”   –Raj Rawal, Former Chief Information Officer

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