Rapid RFx

Do you have an ongoing strategy and methodology in place that ensures you are finding and getting the best technology and pricing in the market?

With our WIN(win) Strategic Sourcing platform, you are able to access a database of over 8 000 suppliers and convert business requirements to projects in mere minutes

Dashboard Analysis

Compare and contrast supplier capabilities and scoring with point and click dashboard reposrting to deliver unbiased results.

Score and Select

Evaluating suppliers side by side, interacting and sharing information, and a using a built in scoring system for transparent decision making across your entire team.


Critically examining supplier options to get the best possible technology along with the best market pricing, all in one place

Save Time and Resources

Utilizing built in RFx templates, embedded scoring system, collaboration and communication tools, and a management dashboard to track it all, enables you to run an effecctive RFx in half the time of World docs and email.

Express SSM

Do you have a governance model that enables 360 degree analysis and management of supplier performance to ensure you are getting all the value expected?

With WIN(win)’s Express SSM Dashboards, you can create manage and monitor all your supplier KPIs, SLAs, and Watchlist items in one place utilizing best practice templates and guidance from Subject Matter Experts

Manage Performance

All on one dashboard, you can create and manage all your KPIs, SLAs and Watchlist items. Sort by staff agreement or any other criteria that works for you.

Change Management

Change is the one constant in IT. With the Express SSM Dashboard, you can change staff assignments, timing of KPIs, scoring metrics and much more - all with a few clicks.

Utilize Templates

No need to recreate the wheel when creating supplier specific matrics. Use your own templates that we hellp you create, or take advantage of waht NET(net) has already developed.

Subject Matter Expertise

Built into Express SSM are years of NET(net) experience at managing suppliers and agreements. Take advantage of our best practise KPSs, SLAs, and Watchlist items with just a few clicks - its all built in.


Wish you had an easy to use technology platform to manage all your strategic suppliers, agreements and sourcing projects?

WIN(win) is the world’s first TEBPaaS - Technology Enabled Business Process as a Service. Built into the platform is the process methodology, and experience you need to optimize the value of your strategic IT investments

Performance Management

Utilizing our proven metrics around LPIs, SLAs, and Watchlist items, coupled with NET(net)’s best practise methodologies give users powerful tools to Keep Value in their investments.

Market Intelligence

NET(net) has over 8 000 technology suppliers in its database already. Where better to learn about the technology you need, than our vetted database of traditional and disruptive suppliers.

Strategic Sourcing

NET(net) has run thousands of technology sourcing projects, and has taken all the best practices learned and built them right into WIN(win). We have cut in half the time it takes to research suppliers, create and manage RFx’s evaluate prospects and find the latest pricing in the market.

Portfolio Management

WIN(win) provides a robust dashboard allowing you to manage all suppliers based on the business relationships. Inscluded is the ability to create a customized registration page for prospective suppliers to add their details, which gives you the freedom to talk to them on your time, not theirs.

Our WIN(win) platform, built on proven strategic supplier management and sourcing methodologies, position any user with the power become a subject matter expert. Armed with that insight, you can now makek the best possible decisions to find, get, and keep more value in your technology supply chain