New SaaS Solution Enhances Strategic Supplier Management

Author: Steven Zolman

HOLLAND, Michigan — NET(net), Inc., the leading provider of IT Investment Optimization Services, has launched Contract Compass™, a new On-Demand Contract Management System designed to further enhance the robust capabilities of NET(net)’s Managed Services offerings for Strategic Supplier Management. Contract Compass™ is the SaaS technology engine that drives value throughout the life of contracts, maximizing the ongoing value achieved from key technology investments.
“We have a best-in-class SaaS technology platform for proactively managing all aspects of a client’s contracts across the enterprise,” said NET(net) President & CEO, Steven C. Zolman. “Our clients now have access to Contract Management on Demand. NET(net)’s Strategic Supplier Managed Services, combined with our Advisory and Negotiation & Optimization services, enables NET(net) to provide clients with an entire lifecycle solution. No other organization in our space offers this complete value chain.”
Unlike licensed software, Contract Compass™ is a secure, virtualized and optimized environment that does not place traditional financial or operational burdens on corporate IT. As a web-based SaaS platform, Contract Compass™ provides all authorized members 24/7 transparent access to a centralized library, with real-time updating across the cloud. The system is robust, performance centric, highly reliable and scalable and can be up and running live within minutes of subscribing. With automatic notifications and alerts, Contract Compass™ enables proactive management, minimizing risk associated from missing crucial contract dates, delivery milestones, and other critical obligations. The system helps assure timely contract renewal, execution of date-related provisions, and optimization of terms and discounts along with the transparent cataloging of all contracts, sub-agreements and other supporting documents.
Contact NET(net) today by phone at +1 616.546.3100 or by email at to inquire about NET(net)’s Strategic Supplier Managed Services powered by Contract Compass™.

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