Axis of Optimum Value — the

Axis of Optimum Value — the "Perfect Deal" What Is Your Optimum Value Point?

Every organization is hopeful that it will see a point where its IT investments achieve optimum value. This Optimum Value Point is the point where three axes intersect. On the “X” axis, you’ll find the capabilities of an organization to leverage technology to drive tangible business value; on the “Y” axis, you’ll find the supplier’s ability to understand the client’s business challenges and their subsequent ability to architect and configure a solution in the way that maximizes strategic value for the intended use. On the “Z” axis, you’ll find the ability to maximize the economic and strategic value by way of industry best pricing and terms and conditions as well as leading supplier management strategies to sustain the value of these investments.

When these three axes intersect in ways that offer sustainable benefits for the long term, the value of the relationships between customers and suppliers are greatly enhanced. In fact, there is a Pareto Optimal point where the X, Y, Z axes come together to yield the “Perfect Deal.”Axis of Optimum Value

Said another way, these are the coordinates of all IT attributes: the right solution, from the right supplier, at the right cost, with the right agreement. This sounds simple enough, but the fact is few organizations ever achieve (let alone maintain) this Optimum Value Point because they lack the 360-degree perspective required to achieve this end result; they are therefore unable to bring the considerable supply-side industry expertise, together with the federated market knowledge and unbiased self-assessments into the formula with equal measure and effectiveness.

NET(net)’s business model, management team and service offerings are designed specifically to assess, achieve and maintain the strategic and economic value of your IT investments at the Optimum Value Point. We help you calculate, get and keep the Optimum Value of the ‘Perfect Deal.’ Internal procurement and/or traditional IT negotiation deals are two dimensional at best: They are a back-and-forth pricing dance on a specified product or service offering. What if the two-dimensional deal is right for manufacturing but wrong for finance? What if it’s right for 1,000 employees but wrong for 1,200? What if you get a rock-bottom price on a 90% solution instead of great price on a 99% solution? It’s far from perfect; it’s flat out the wrong approach.

NET(net) does not focus purely on obtaining the lowest purchase price (although that is certainly a critical element of our offering). We ensure that you achieve the lowest sustainable cost at the highest sustainable value for the best technology solution, with the best technology provider. We further ensure you stay at that Optimum Value Point throughout the life of your contract so that you don’t hemorrhage value due to static, ineffective supplier management strategies.

Don’t settle for traditional two-dimensional deals. Get to your Optimum Value Point and stay there. We can put you on the NET(net) Axis of Optimum Value, where the “Perfect Deal” awaits.
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