SVP of Value Creation

Fred Teekens

As the Senior Vice President of Value Creation for EMEA, Mr. Teekens is committed to providing a bespoke and exceptional client experience while maintaining a specific focus on Value Creation and development efforts by collaborating with Client executives.  As such, Mr. Teekens’ primary focus is on continuously delivering flawless execution for projects that will Find and Get Value for NET(net)’s client base. Prior to this role, Mr. Teekens served as the Manager of Procurement for IT Infrastructure at NN Group N.V., and was responsible for Global IT Infrastructure procurement,  global contracting for NN Group N.V., implementation of IT Asset Management and managing the procurement aspects of divestitures that took place between 2011-2014.

Mr. Teekens is an 18-year procurement veteran who combines solid industry vision with an ability to develop a deep understanding of Client’s needs while utilizing his strong negotiation skills to deliver exceptional value to clients. In addition, he has negotiation experience with the world largest IT Infrastructure providers and brings that background to benefit NET(net)’s Clients.

Mr. Teekens personal efforts will help strengthen NET(net)’s presence in the EMEA region while focusing on delivering exceptional value at every level while exceeding Client expectations in every way. NET(net)’s recognition as an Industry Leader has resulted from this type of unwavering dedication.  Mr. Teekens holds a Bachelor in Marketing Economics and he has received executive training in Defining and Implementing Strategies, High impact Performance, and continues to seek out educational opportunities that allow him to continue to grow his knowledge and expertise in providing world class service.