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Author: Steven Zolman

As a newsletter subscriber, you’ve no doubt read of NET(net)’s negotiated successes in our services  engagements on behalf of our clients. You’ve most likely seen mention of our most attractive            engagement method (pay for performance). And, if you’re even moderately skeptical, like I am, you’ve also no doubt wondered how we consistently achieve this success.

The answer is simple: practice. We continuously practice our negotiation skills at home, at work, and at play. We also realized long ago that traditional negotiation methods simply didn’t yield the type of results we wanted. So we refined our abilities – focusing on the things that matter specifically for IT-related negotiations. We improved not only our ability to effectively negotiate for ourselves, but also for our clients.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the adage: “Give someone a fish and you feed them a single meal. Teach someone to fish and you feed them forever.” With the current economic and market conditions creating an incredible amount of pressure to reduce spending, NET(net) recognized that with a little training, our internal negotiating techniques and methodologies could be used by anyone to realize significant savings.

NET(net) University is therefore pleased to announce a training program designed for business professionals looking to stop leaving money on the bargaining table. The training curriculum covers a variety of topics including leading practices in the areas of negotiation, sourcing and contract terms & conditions. The program was designed for organizations that want to gain a better understanding of the Information Technology marketplace and also want to improve their ability to negotiate with IT suppliers.

The two day Negotiations Best Practices Program will be taught by NET(net) senior staff who have negotiated and instrumented thousands of IT supplier agreements from our completed engagements. They will apply their experiences from the field and provide first-hand knowledge of techniques and approaches that have proven successful in many IT negotiations including SaaS, software, hardware, IT services, data center hosting, telecommunications, managed services, and outsourcing agreements to teach you how to improve your performance. The next 2010 NET(net) University class will be offered October 13-14 in Chicago. Registration is open now.

Visit NET(net) University for more details.

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