Steve Zolman

Founder & Chief Services Architect

Steve Zolman

As the Chief Services Architect, Mr. Zolman is committed to providing a bespoke and exceptional client experience while maintaining a specific focus on shaping research and development efforts by collaborating with client executives.  As such, Mr. Zolman’s primary focus is on expanding NET(net)’s service offerings, as well as the company’s globalization strategy and ongoing development in Asia, Latin American and Europe.  Prior to this role, Mr. Zolman served as the Chief Executive Officer from 2002-2012 and was responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company.

As the Founder of NET(net), Inc., Mr. Zolman pioneered the concept of IT Investment Optimization as a service after seeing vast commercial inequities firsthand. He is a 20-year veteran who combines solid industry vision with a strong technology background to deliver exceptional leadership. In addition, he has detailed work and management experience in some of the world’s largest technology firms and brings that background and contract negotiations experience to benefit NET(net)’s Clients.

Mr. Zolman’s personal efforts have helped create an organization that is focused on delivering exceptional value to its Clients at every level and exceeding Client expectations in every way. NET(net)’s recognition as an Industry Leader has resulted from this unwavering dedication. His efforts have been instrumental in acquiring and maintaining many of NET(net)’s key Clients, as well as instilling a set of business values that allows NET(net) to enjoy outstanding Client satisfaction ratings and high levels of credibility and respect in the market. Clearly, Mr. Zolman’s leadership and passion for excellence have helped drive and maintain NET(net)’s impressive track record of success and subsequent growth.

Prior to NET(net), Mr. Zolman’s experience included executive management, consulting, corporate contract negotiations, and specialized programs in business development and strategic partnerships. Mr. Zolman conveys a positive, candid, and contagious attitude. This, combined with business savvy, offers NET(net) Clients an opportunity to leverage influential supplier relationships, proprietary, and proven tools and processes for optimizing value and patented negotiating methodologies, complete with customized strategies and techniques designed to secure nonstandard value and benefits not commonly available.

Mr. Zolman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance, and has received executive training in strategic dealmaking, competitive decision-making, and global negotiations at Harvard Business School, an advanced and continuing education.