Managing Director, Latin America

Luis Spadotto

As Managing Director of Latin America region, Luis’s primary focus is building and sustaining close relationships with NET(net)’s Client executives, assisting them with their strategic IT planning, and enabling them to get the best value with their IT investments.

Luis joined NET(net) in August of 2012 and he has managed, several successful projects in the region, accomplishing the same level of savings that NET(net) has achieved in its projects around the World.

He brings the company more than 25 years of executive experience. Luis has gained that experience in various market segments such as: banking, auto parts, the food industry, software, highway concessions and turnaround projects. As CFO, COO and CEO of organizations in these market segments, he has been able to produce proven achievements.

As an executive who has experience managing IT responsibilities, Luis understands the value that NET(net) can offer as an IT strategic purchasing partner for obtaining and maintaining value for its clients worldwide and more specifically in the Brazilian market.

Luis graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering from Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI – Brazil). He also holds an MBA in Finance from IBMEC – Brazil and an MBA in Controlling from USP – Brazil. His entrepreneurial spirit, multi-market experience and strong academic background brings a broad range of value to the NET(net) organization.

Luis lives in Brazil with his wife and three children. He is fluent in Portuguese and English and also speaks Spanish and Italian. He enjoys cooking and playing tennis and dedicates part of his free time to assisting and sponsoring an institution that cares for, educates and rehabilitates more than 40 children with Down Syndrome living in Sao Paulo.